Herbalist Edit

Aldlyn - Herbalist

Directions Edit

1. Aldlyn, capital city

Noteworthy NPC's and objects Edit

I. Store Clerk

Item Item type Gold Required

Herbalist Lv.

Potion Recovery 300 Default
Magic Water Recovery 800 Default
Dispel Herb Recovery 200 Default
Stimulant Recovery 600 Default
Big Potion Recovery 1,000 1+
Improved Magic Water Recovery 1,500 1+
Small TP Potion Recovery 300 1+
Excellent Potion Recovery 1,500 2+
Elixir Recovery 3,500 2+
Big TP Potion Recovery 750 2+
Fabric Material 200 Default

Related quests Edit

Tulup Plant side quest, the first place to ask about the medicine.

Treasure Edit