Description Edit

You don't really know why but Vampire wants to go to a long tunnel somewhere in the cave where you found her.

Vampire wants to go to a passageway slightly below where you found her on map no. 4. Going through will bring you to a dark forest where you can't leave until the quest is solved. In the castle, Vampire will take constant damage until you have used the switch upstairs to turn off the trap, found the raw orangium in the cellar and turned if into refined orangium in the main hall. Finishing this quest will teach Vampire the skill „Basic Instincts“.

Location Edit

Obtained from Vampire in Aldlyn Castle sleeping chambers if Ryen is level 10+.

Steps Edit

  1. Help Vampire.

Guide Edit

  1. Speak with Vampire to obtain her quest and go to the North dungeon (Map no. 5).
  2. Go through the passageway, just south of where Vampire was sealed, to reach the Dark Forest.
  3. After entering the castle, Vampire will lose 112 HP every 20 steps until the Refined Orangium is obtained.
  4. Go, after the first set of stairs, left and up the second pair of stairs to the 2nd floor.
  5. Walk south and interact with the lever to deactivate the trap.
  6. Go back down and this time take the stairs in the north east down to the cellar.
  7. Take the Raw Orangium from the chest and go back to the 1st floor.
  8. Interact with the circle to refine the Raw Orangium to Refined Orangium and to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

500 Experience

3 Refined Orangium

Vampire learned: Basic Instincts & Soul Leach

15 Relationship with Vampire