11 Ryoko


A demon girl who has been a slave every since she has been a child. Because of that, she has a hard time making decisions on her own and has a constant urge to recieve orders from her master.Her need for orders is increased by non-“Order“ skills, while the Order skills make use of her need and set it back to 0.

Location: Can be found in the dungeon below „Amagal Deserted village“. The entrance is in the left bottom corner. (Map no. 15)

Skills: Delay, Wake Up Call, Weaken, MP Transfer, MP Transfer All, TP Transfer, Order: Attack!, Order: Move It!, Order: Protect!

Traits: Axe, General/Light/Magic Armor

Elements: Light (150%), Darkness (75%)

Favorite present: Meat

Relationship scenes location:

First Scene: Sleeping chamber with 30+ relationship and „Need For Orders“ 50+. Need for orders can be raised with skills that say "Adds to Ryoko's Need For Orders" in their description.

Second Scene: Not implemented yet.

Third Scene: Not implemented yet.