Going to the second floor of the fort at map no. 10 after your coronation will trigger the soldiers to attempt an assassination on you. Talking with Trey at the sleeping chambers will lead to a search of a catgirl mercenary. You can find the catgirl in the bar of the capital. She'll run away to the wooden storage below the bar. But once you talk to her again, she'll turn out to be innocent. After talking to Trey again, you'll have to look for hints in the living area of the noble families. Looking at 6 books in this room will ne enough for Trey. When you return to the sleeping chambers and talk to Trey once more, he'll invite you for a trap on the suspect. The trap will cause 2 fights, first with soldier and second with assassins. After winning both fights, the unveiled traitor is arrested and will be seen in the capitals prison from now on.


Obtained in the fort of map no. 10 after the coronation.


- Talk to Trey in your castle.

- Find the catgirl.

- Talk to Trey again.

- Check the noble living area in the castle.

- Check books in the noble living area.

- Talk to Trey once again.

- Find the culprit.


300 exp