5 Vampire

Vampire :

The mysterious vampire is the tsundere of the group. She often gets angry when someone treats her like a child, but at the same time she loves to be spoiled. Ryen finds her sealed away in a dungeon by chance, but it seems as if the two of them are somehow connected.

Location: Can be found in the North dungeon (Map no. 5) Requires Mira to open the big stone gate.

Skills: Fire, Life Leech, Soul Strike

Traits: Dagger, Magic, General Armor

Elements: Light (200%), Darkness (20%)

Favorite present: Book

Relationship scenes location:

First Scene: Talk to her in the sleeping chambers after 40+ relationship, the quest no. 23 Into the fire and the dialog with Headmaid Ryia in your room.

Bonus Scene: Talk to her in the bathhouse with 60+ relationship and the previous scene done. (This scene was added as a special reward for the support of my patrons.)

Second Scene: Not implemented yet.

Third Scene: Not implemented yet.